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For many companies and individuals, it takes a crisis (i.e. business competition, mid-life crisis, etc.) to get us thinking about our actions. As a result, too many companies and individuals tend to make decisions from WITHIN the crisis.

Instead of pausing to re-evaluate, in a calm and purposeful manner about what we've encountered so far and why, we're apt to "cast everything off in a knee-jerk reaction and run".

Instead of making rational decisions that prepare us for what is ahead, we tend to come from a position of panic, fear or desperation - and the choices we make reflect that.

Novaleon's objective in providing business opportunities and ideas is so that businesses and individuals can use and reflect on the information in a manner that helps to sort out what is really important - what business is viable (and makes us happy) from what is just weighing us down. Novaleon hopes to map out a new road ahead, one that will get you where you really want to go.

We want to develop a network of businesses and individuals that can cross-refer, support each other and grow profitably into the future.

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If you are a company or entrepreneur and would like to work with Novaleon Group in any aspects (i.e. tie-ups, JVs, cross-promotion of products and services, business development, special projects, etc.), we welcome you to write to our Business Development Divison / HR Division at


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