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CEO Breakfast Talk

2007 Novaleon
CEO Breakfast Session

Wine Appreciation Nite

2007 Novaleon
Wine Appreciation Nite

Industry Networking

2007 Novaleon
Industry Networking Session

Exclusive Launch and Seminar
Flow Routing: The "Next Generation Router Architecture"

November 13, 2007 - Ofisgate and Anagran organized an exclusive launch and seminar on Flow Routing: The "Next Generation Router Architecture" at The Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. The event was held successfully and attended by Technology Partners, major Telcos, System Integrators and MNCs.

The featured speakers are Dr. Larry Roberts (Co-Founder of Internet; Founder, Chairman & Chief Architect of Anagran) and Dr. Riad Hartani (Director, Technology Solutions of Anagran). Also present was Bill Beckett (Vice President & GM, Asia of Anagran).

Dr. Roberts is recognized as one of the world's foremost authority on packet switching and network architectures. He led the team that designed and developed ARPANET, the world's first major computer packet network which evolved into the modern Internet. Dr. Roberts has been a recipient of numerous awards in the field of Computer Science and Telecommunications. He and three others credited with founding The Internet were recipients of the National Academy of Engineering's 2001 Draper Award - Engineering's Highest Honor.

Dr Larry Roberts, Co-Founder of Internet; Founder, Chairman & Chief Architect of Anagran

Dr Riad Hartani, Director - Technology Solutions of Anagran

Dr. Larry Roberts, Co-Founder of Internet
Founder, Chairman & Chief Architect, Anagran


Dr. Riad Hartani
Director -Technology Solutions, Anagran


Bill Becket, Dr Roberts and Dr Hartani
Demo on Anagran

Bill Becket (VP & GM, Asia of Anagran),
Dr. Larry Roberts & Dr. Riad Hartani
... During the FAQ Session ...


Min (Dir. of Ofisgate and Cabaran Ringkas) giving the partcipants a Demo on the capabilities of the Anagran Router

Dato' Baharom and Dr. Roberts
BK How, MD of Novaleon with Dr. Roberts
Dato' Baharum Salleh
M.D. of Time dotCom Bhd with Dr. Roberts
... In Discussion ...
BK How, M.D. of Novaleon
with Dr. Larry Roberts & Dr. Riad Hartani
... Lunch Reception ...


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